Do you want to engage with your audience on a whole new level?
Serious lead generation with up to 80% Open Rates & 40% Click-through using our custom messenger chatbot marketing campaigns.
Generate leads, Promote offers, News letters, Menus, Automated response, increase reviews and so much more. 
What in the world is a messenger bot?!
A messenger bot is exactly what it sounds like... a bot for your Messenger.
A messenger bot is practically a small but complex piece of code connected to a Facebook page that makes having conversations with its subscribers easier. That means you can use these tools to personalize messages and offer better content, or resources to convert a subscriber into a customer. And all of this without staying awake late at nights responding to prospects or spending money on an assistant to do the job as they do all the work for you.


Customer needs:

  • Build a customer marketing list

  • Increase social media followers

The brand is in the process of building a new brewery and wanted to start building a stronger social media following and marketing list. 

Within 15 days they had over 978 subscribers and this list is growing daily. 

Customer needs:

  • Build a customer marketing list

  • Sell more tickets​

  • Showcase participating breweries

3rd annual Ocean Brews & Blues festival needed an innovative way to drive more ticket sales and traffic to there event.

With some creative Facebook campaigns within 30 days we generated over 2000 opted in direct message subscribers with an average 89% open rate when we send messages. 

Customer needs:

  • Build a customer marketing list

  • Promote coupons & offers

  • Automate messenger questions

  • Promote menu items

  • Promote delivery options

How popular is Facebook messenger?

Experts estimate that over 1.2 billion people use Facebook messenger alone. Every month! That’s 1.2 billion people chatting, sending pictures, videos, and building relationships. Don’t you think he should capitalize on this opportunity?

What do people talk about?

Here’s a hint: NOT just about their daily lives.

People even talk business, and prefer talking to businesses and brands through chat instead of the regular old email or long minded customer service channels. There are currently 100,000 active bots on messenger and their number is growing every day as businesses realize their marketing potential.

But what happened to email marketing?

Look, email marketing is not dead, and it’s likely not going away anytime soon. It’s just that reaching out via email is not as great as it used to be for lead generation anymore.

Consider this scenario: two friends send you messages – one via messenger and another through email – to whom are you likely to respond first?

We’d wager that it is going to be the friend that uses messenger.

Why? Because messages sent through chat apps are not only more personal but come off as urgent as well.


Let’s face it; it’s harder to ignore the notification sounds of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp than a new email pop-up.


Like it or not, statistics clearly indicate that email marketing is on a decline.


And the reason is simple: too many people are trying to sell their stuff when very few are interested.

Just take a look at your inbox and you will find tons of messages from companies, marketers, newsletters, offers, etc. from businesses that are of no interest to you.

Looking through underline emails can get incredibly overwhelming, to say the least. Take a look at the younger generation: the likes that use Instagram or Snapchat to communicate – do you think there will be remotely interested in reading long paragraphs sent via email?

Of course not! Messenger, however, is likely to get a youngster’s attention because that’s where his/her friends hang out.

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