Let us help you push your brand at no cost or commitments during these times within our own networks of hungry locals. Working as a team we all will get past all this! 

We are the creators of the Curbside & Takeout Facebook Groups with over 24,000 members and growing daily.


Within these groups, we will set up daily posts to our members about your place, specials, delivery options etc at no cost to you. We also recommend you join the groups as well and post your specials daily and together as a team we will let the community know about what you offer. 


The only thing we request is for you to email us the content (images, delivery options, address, phone number, specials etc...) and we are up and running.

You can email everything to Frank B at mybizbranding@gmail.com 

South Florida Group covers all 3 counties as a whole (Broward, Palm Beach & Maimi Dade)
23,674 members as of April 8th 2020
palm beach.jpg
Palm Beach Group is a new hyper-local community by popular request 
426 members & growing as of April 8th 2020
Maimi Dade Group is a new hyper-local community by popular request 
313 members & growing as of April 8th 2020
sw florida.jpg
South West Florida Group covers all the counties as a whole on the West Coast of Florida within the Ft. Myers / Naples area
317 members & growing as of April 8th 2020